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Message from Demise

A New Generation of Winemakers

Pierre Pinot has become one of the youngest, leading wine-trapeneurs in the industry! 

While only at the helm for a short time thus far, Pinot Estates has been thriving. Pierre has delved into various new blends, utilizing grapes grown from across the world in the Pinot Estates enterprise. By hiring the best, trusted, French-native employees and placing them inter-nationally, Pierre has fostered a French flare for his vintages, even when produced abroad. 

And just how did Pierre come to be so big so fast? And at such a young age?

A story Pierre is remiss to tell. 

A huge void was left in the wine world when Philippe Pinot passed away. A lover of the Pinot Noir grape, the mogul transformed his small vineyard into a large, international enterprise, Pinot Estates, with vineyards and wineries around the world producing the finest red wines. With his grace and passion, Phillipe quickly became a beloved part of both his local and international wine community. Until the day left us. 

Phillipe’s unexpected death by cardiac arrest left everyone in shock, including his lawyer, who had not finalized Philippe’s most recent changes to his will. After a legal battle in probate court, Pierre was awarded Pinot Estates Enterprises and all its operations, while Philippe’s widow, C. Penelope Pinot, who was set to inherit everything with the changes in question, settled for a sizable death insurance settlement of 5 million dollars.

Now that Pierre is on the scene, he is making sure to honor his father’s memory by following in the footsteps of the great winemaker. Pierre is dutifully applying the wine making principles he learned from his father, as well as on his many winemaking apprenticeships that were arranged by his father. Coincidentally, it was these internships that took Pierre away from his homeland in the years preceding his father’s death—time he will never be able to recuperate.  

With the apparent success of Pierre and the continued success of Pinot Estates, it appears Pierre’s fight for control was the right move!


Current release

Demise Vintage

Pierre Pinot’s first vintage as the head of Pinot Estates, this supple wine is a tribute to his late father.  Created from the finest Pinot Noir grapes in  the valley, Demise will be a vintage that will go down in history.

Inspiration for the vintage

"Black widow spiders are known for the females unique and striking appearance as well as their rumored tendency to eat their mates. They are the most venomous spiders in North America; however, their bite is rarely fatal to humans."

The estate

Our Taste

Supple with a side of cherries.


Pinot Noir

Medium-bodied and wonderfully elegant in the mouth, Demise has a delicate frame of soft tannins supporting the intensely perfumed fruit, and it finishes with fantastic freshness and hints of cherry. 100 cases produced.

Black widow- Noun.

A woman who kills her husband or lover, especially one who kills multiple Husbands or Lovers.